Timber Grapples

Robust & Reliable – Built to Last

Super heavy duty, innovative design with twin link system and high strength components for longer life and minimum down time! Designed to work in extreme conditions.

  • Heavy duty oversized chrome pins and wide sealed bronze bushes for longer life.
  • Wear resistant grab tines made of high strength steel.
  • Line bored to ensure reliable inter-changeability of components.
  • Models available:

    • – MT 360 (0.35 m2) and MT 420 (0.41 m2) – for loggers and cranes (Double Link)
    • – MT 36LX (0.36 m2) and MT 42LX (0.42 m2) – for loggers and cranes ( Single Link)
    • – MT 500 (0.5 m2), MT 600 (0.6 m2), MT 800 (0.8 m2) and MT 1800 (1.8 m2) – for excavators and large knuckleboom cranes

Indexator Rotators

Heavy duty rotators for jobs in tough environments

New heavy duty Indexator models GV 12 SA for loggers and IR 12 L for excavators!

Indexator Rotator GV12SA
Indexator Rotator IR12

Felling Head

Simplicity, functionality and durability in design

Durable | Efficient | Low-cost | Mechanised Felling Solution

  • Model: MT50FH
  • Wear resistant grab tines made from high alloy steel.
  • Heavy duty 50mm chrome pins & ceramic coated steel bushes for longer life.
  • Line-bored to ensure reliable interchangeability of components.

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